How to Start Planning Your Disney World Wedding

Because Disney radically changed the way they price Walt Disney World weddings just days after the release of this year’s “How to Start Planning Your Disney World Wedding ” episode, this week, Disney bride Carissa Redden and I have recorded an all-new episode incorporating the new pricing structure.

Whether you’ve been planning your Disney wedding in your head for years or you just discovered that Disney does weddings, today’s show has the steps and tips that will set you on the path to your dream Disney’s Fairy Tale Wedding or vow renewal. Today we will help you with the first four crucial steps: Understand how Disney prices weddings now, pick a date, estimate the number of guests, and prepare for your first call to Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings. Plus you’ll hear helpful details of Carissa’s own Wedding Pavilion ceremony, Whitehall Room & Patio reception and UK Lochside dessert party!

Scroll past the slideshow to find links to the helpful episodes mentioned on this week’s show!

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Wedding: © Root Weddings / In-Park Portraits: © Disney Fine Art Photography: Christina Corneau



4 thoughts on “How to Start Planning Your Disney World Wedding

  1. How short of a time line can you plan a Disney wedding and reception? I heard on the podcast that a large percentage is due 90 days out and the timeline we are looking at is less than 90 days. Are we out of luck?

    1. No, you’re fine! You would just need to make that 90-day payment up front. Disney has planned full ceremony-plus-reception weddings in less than a month, so you have plenty of time!

  2. Do the taxes/service charge count toward that event minimum? For example, if the event minimum is $5,000 and my wedding costs $5,000 with the taxes and delivery fees and service charges, is that accepted? Or does it have to be the minimum amount before taxes and fees?

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