BrieAnn & Ian’s Epcot Canada Wedding

Today, BrieAnn West shares the story of her ceremony at Epcot’s Canada Terrace, pre-reception at Abracadabar and reception at The Attic, with a dessert party at UK Lochside in Epcot. You’ll hear how she incorporated non-traditional choices into their French vintage-themed wedding, including parasols instead of bridesmaids bouquets and a magician instead of a DJ. BrieAnn also shares details of her paleo autoimmune protocol-friendly brunch menu and the distinctly themed margaritas she added to each of her events—including one that changed colors!  Listen now!

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Wedding Day: © Regina Hyman / Magic Kingdom, Epcot & Animal Kingdom Bridal Portraits: © Disney Fine Art Photography: Michael Vu

5 thoughts on “BrieAnn & Ian’s Epcot Canada Wedding

  1. I’ve been steadily going through all the podcasts (and accompanying photos and videos), and I have to say THESE photos are some of the best I’ve seen. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL, STUNNING.

    1. Hi Allie! All portrait sessions include shots at the castle. You would just need to request that spot, since most of Disney’s photographers don’t use it. Their Disney photographer was Michael Vu—if you scroll below the slideshow on any episode of the podcast, I always list the photographer names!

  2. Hi Carrie, I just ordered your wedding guide and I can’t wait to get it in the mail! I’m wondering if you know what route this couple took on the Magic Kingdom portrait shoot to get that incredible castle picture where they’re standing on a grassy area by the trees? There are 3 routes and I’d love to know which one I can take to get that amazing shot!

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