How to Have a Small Disney Wedding for the Minimum Expenditure

With the recent elimination of Disney’s Memories package for elopements and vow renewals, you may be wondering if it is possible to have a small wedding at Walt Disney World for the lowest of the new Event Minimum Expenditures. Today, Memories bride Mariela Betancourt joins me to show you exactly how to pull off a small wedding or vow renewal at the lowest possible price, including tips for customizing and enhancing your event while staying within the minimum. Mari shares what she learned during planning for her own wedding at Luau Pointe, what she’d do differently now, and whether she thinks a Disney wedding under the new pricing structure is still worth it.

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4 thoughts on “How to Have a Small Disney Wedding for the Minimum Expenditure

  1. Isola West Plaza: HI! So many questions!

    1) Does the Dinner include Fireworks and reception (aka dancing, dj)? dessert party?
    3) Can i chose to do a desert party at ISOLA WEST PLAZA?
    2) And if 3,600 for dinner, then the pricing per guest is added?

    3,600+ (number of guests)x(price of dinner)= total?

    OR… is it

    3,600+ (number of guests)x(price of dinner) + reception fee? = Total

    1. Hi!

      1) If the timing of your dinner coincides with fireworks, you see fireworks. If the event lasts long enough for the park to clear after closing, you can have the DJ start at that time. This info is on page 87.
      2) Yes, if it is available. They use it as the queue for concerts at America Gardens Theater during festivals, and festivals are happening pretty much year round now, so there are very few dates available.
      3) The $3,600 is how much you have to spend on food and drinks at Italy Isola. It is concurrent with the $210/person food and beverage minimum you must meet to have a Disney wedding. So if you have 18 guests or more, you will automatically meet the $3,600. The venue fee is added on top of that.

  2. When was this podcast released? Is the memories package still gone currently? Looking to get married at Disney in June 2022

    1. Yes, Disney discontinued both the Memories and Escape packages a year ago this week. This episode contains the most up-to-date info on having a small wedding or vow renewal at Disney.

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