How to Choose an Officiant

The officiant presides over the most important aspect of your wedding day and the reason for the entire event. Choosing someone for this essential role can be nerve-wracking when you’re planning from a distance and not bringing an officiant with you.

On today’s show I chat with Rev. Kevin Knox, a Methodist minister and one of Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings’ approved officiants. Rev Kev has 28 years’ experience and has performed countless weddings at Walt Disney World. Today he answers some of brides’ and grooms’ most common questions, like how to find and choose the right officiant from afar, how to write your own vows, and whether you really need to invite a hired officiant to your rehearsal dinner and reception at Disney.

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8 thoughts on “How to Choose an Officiant

  1. Are you able to use a family member as your officiant? Was planning on having my step-father become ordained for the ceremony and it would mean the world to us.

    1. The Orlando Arch Diocese does not allow priests to perform ceremonies anyplace but inside a Catholic church. This episode talks about the alternatives for Catholic couples (ceremony in a church, reception at Disney; get married at home and do a vow renewal at Disney; get married at Disney and have a convalidation ceremony at home). There are also retired priests who may be willing to perform a Catholic-style ceremony at Disney, but it will not be recognized by the Church.

  2. Love the show Carrie! Rev Kev is going to be my officiant for my wedding next May. They have been wonderful with the planning process. I am looking forward to meeting him on my wedding day. BTW I love your shows. Keep up the good work and thank you for all the information. You are a life saver!

  3. Rev. Knox sounded really nice. No wonder he’s on the vendor list and has married so many Disney Bride friends. I really liked his idea of doing the pre-marital classes via video. We didn’t do any of that, but if we had, I’m sure this way would’ve been more convenient.

    Great tips on how to search for officiants. It’s good to know that Disney chooses their preferred vendors carefully. We went off of Disneyland’s preferred vendor list too for our officiant (and also from past DL Bride reviews).

    I also like how officiants are more welcoming of personal vows and of couples writing their own ceremonies. I’m not sure that we would’ve enjoyed our ceremony as much if it wasn’t filled with things that were “us” and was more like the old school way of just “inserting your name” to the traditional text. Great show Carrie! 🙂

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! I too love the idea of personalizing the vows, and I’m glad to know so many officiants embrace the concept.

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