Wishes Vow Renewal Spotlight: Lynn & Rob

Today, Disney bride Lynn McFaul shares the story of her 20th anniversary vow renewal at the Wedding Pavilion, with a reception at the Grand Floridian Ballroom’s Salon VII and a dessert party at Sago Cay Pointe. Lynn talks about planning her dream second wedding at the couple’s favorite place, including how she incorporated their daughters in the ceremony, what she wishes she’d known during the planning process, and her favorite memory of the day. Lynn also discusses why you might want to rethink adding a dessert party directly after your wedding reception.
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© Disney Fine Art Photography – Amy Alexander

One thought on “Wishes Vow Renewal Spotlight: Lynn & Rob

  1. Love your story from meeting to vow renewal! The pictures are amazing, and I can’t get over your girls singing “For Good!”

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