Mini Wishes Wedding Spotlight: Elizabeth & John

This week, Elizabeth Brown shares the story of her Wishes ceremony at the Wedding Pavilion, reception at California Grill’s Napa Room and dessert party at Italy Isola. She took advantage of the lower minimum expenditures of the Wishes Catered Event Experience to save money on her wedding, and today she shares a ton of tips for couples who are looking for a wallet-friendly way to have a larger wedding at Walt Disney World. You’ll hear how Elizabeth got the most bang for her enhancement minimum, her secrets for minimizing food and beverage costs, and how she was able to have a wedding and dessert party for 59 guests, plus a four-park bridal portrait session, all for just $20,000.

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Wedding Photos © 11-4 Productions / Bridal Portraits © Disney Fine Art Photography

4 thoughts on “Mini Wishes Wedding Spotlight: Elizabeth & John

  1. Hi Carrie,
    I was just curious if you know if you can have a confetti cannon at the California Grill? Thanks so much for your awesome podcast! Hope to hear back (:

    1. That is a very good question…. I have a suspicion that the answer is no for the Napa and Sonoma rooms, because they are so small. But if you are using the main restaurant before it opens, I’ll be you can!

  2. I have a question about the Mini Wishes. Have you ever had a bride use a DJ for the mini wishes? I hate the thought of not having any music and a father daughter dance. We have a few specific songs that mean alot. Also, I heard on one of the podcast installments that you can bring your own bouquet/boutonnierre but no other floral. Do you know if bridesmaids floral can be brought from outside as well? Thanks so much and I hope to hear back!

    1. Hi Michelle!

      Yes, you can have a DJ with the Wishes Catered Event Experience/Mini Wishes. But you can still have music for first dances and father-daughter dances even if you don’t hire a DJ. You could hire a musician or you can pay for a hookup with speakers and bring your own phone/iPod/CD player. You can pay for a Disney tech to run it or just have someone in your group run it. That’s what we did, and we used it for all three first dances, plus background music throughout the event. Regarding floral, ALL personal floral can be provided by an outside vendor, not just bouquets and boutonnieres. Bridesmaids’ bouquets, flowers for the moms—anything that someone holds or wears you can provide yourself. The restriction is on floral decor that has to be set up, like arches, aisle decor, swagging, etc.

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