Wishes Spotlight: Stephanie & Vincent’s Character-Filled Fairy Tale

On today’s show, recent bride Stephanie Caccamo shares the story of a wedding weekend filled with character—31 of them, to be exact! She and Vincent asked Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings to help them create an unforgettable event incorporating their love for Disney characters. To work within restrictions on where certain characters can appear, Vincent came up with the idea of a progressive dinner: Cocktail hour with the villains, a castle ball with the princes and princesses, and then a quick stop in Arendelle on the way to dessert with more villains. Then, to send guests off with a smile, Stephanie and Vincent invited them to a Pixar character-packed farewell brunch the next day!

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Professional Photos © Disney Fine Art Photography — Ty Boyce

4 thoughts on “Wishes Spotlight: Stephanie & Vincent’s Character-Filled Fairy Tale

  1. I couldn’t leave this slideshow without writing about how beautiful this wedding was. They had the dream wedding, it was gorgeous!!!!!

  2. I was lucky enough to attend Stephanie and Vincent’s Disney wedding. We are huge Disney fans and have never dreamed of attending a wedding like this. It was the most incredible and memorable wedding ever! Everything was done amazing and to be able to see all those characters and be able to take pictures with them was incredible! To see all the princesses and princes dance with the bride and groom was absolutely beautiful! We will never forget this wedding and know there are no other weddings that will ever top this! As adults, we loved this wedding as much as the kids! It was an absolutely magical weekend! Hope they decide to have another party at Disney for their 10th wedding anniversary! Love Aunt Debbie and Uncle Russ

    1. Thanks so much for sharing your experience! It sounds like it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for everyone!

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