Vendor Spotlight: DJ Scott Messina

Today I chat with DJ Scott Messina, a member of Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings’ approved vendor list for events at Walt Disney World. It can be hard to know how to choose from Disney’s list, so Scott offers some great tips on finding a DJ who suits your style, knowing when to choose a DJ vs. an iPod, and why Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings are the best weddings to DJ!

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2 thoughts on “Vendor Spotlight: DJ Scott Messina

  1. I would love for him to talk about receptions taking place at Epcot, do they often start at 10:00? Are they usually delayed?

    1. You can have a reception pretty much any time of day in Epcot, but if you use an outdoor location, the DJ can’t start playing until the park closes. Usually you do your pre-reception during IllumiNations, have dinner, and then the DJ starts. Check out this bride’s episode — she had an evening reception at Italy Isola.

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