Harmonious & Disney Enchantment Cruises

One of the unique experiences offered at Walt Disney World is the opportunity to view Disney Enchantment or Harmonious from the water aboard a private cruise. These can be a great cap to the wedding day, a truly Disney alternative to a rehearsal dinner, or an extra-special addition to a honeymoon or anniversary trip.

On today’s show you’ll learn everything you need to know about planning and booking a specialty cruise at Walt Disney World, including how to add a meal or even a cake. Plus, Disney bride Natalie Tonks shares the story of her wedding-day fireworks cruise, along with her photos, wedding video and some great tips.

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11 thoughts on “Harmonious & Disney Enchantment Cruises

  1. Hello. I recently tried to call and reserve a private cruise but the lady said that they were no longer available and the only option was to buy out a boat for about 3700 ( 370 pp on a ten person boat). Do you know any other details or a number to call ? Thanks a bunch ! Looooove the website

    1. That is incorrect information you were given. I just called them yesterday about this and all the same pricing info still applies. Wishes cruises cost $318.44 (8-person boat) or $371.69 (10-person boat) total, not per-person. IllumiNations cruises cost $371.69 total. You can call 1-407-939-7529 and press 3, then just stay on the line to talk to an agent.

  2. If Natalie said during the show, I missed it. Where was her dessert party set up before her group boarded the cruise?

  3. I’m planning to propose during this fireworks cruise, I would like to have a photographer during this moment. Any tips on where to find one, hopefully not expensive?

    1. Hi Nick! Although Disney Fine Art Photography does offer portrait sessions, the $150 one can’t be done during a cruise and the one that could starts at around $300. I’d recommend investigating local wedding photographers. They almost all do engagement and anniversary sessions that cost a lot less than wedding. Another idea would be if there’s some way to take the captain into your confidence and get him or her to shoot the photo of the proposal, but that would be pretty tricky if it’s just the two of you.

  4. Great show, ladies!! Lots of great tips – now I want to book a cruise. lol

    LOVED Natalie & Phil’s wedding video! So beautiful!

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