Escape Collection Overview & FAQ

This week, Disney bride Remi Cassels joins me to discuss everything you need to know about Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings’ Escape Collection of weddings and vow renewals at Walt Disney World.

This show is designed to introduce you to the basics of the package—what is and isn’t included, what it costs, which locations are available, what the requirements are—and give you a timeline for a typical Escape event. We also answer frequently asked questions about swapping package elements, upgrading, finding an officiant, adding a reception or a dessert party, and how to decide between Escape and Wishes!

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Magic Kingdom Portraits © Disney Fine Art Photography – Michael Vu
Animal Kingdom Bridal Portraits © Disney Fine Art Photography – Stephanie Caldwell
Ceremony + Reception © Disney Fine Art Photography – Michael Vu and Ali Nasser
Wedding Day Portraits © David & Vicki Arndt

Episode #355

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