Disney’s New Policy on Outside Photography & Videography Inside the Parks

Today I welcome Magical Day Weddings’ Carly Morgan back to the show to discuss Disney’s recent reversal of its ban on non-Disney photographers and videographers at wedding events inside the theme parks. Since 2009, outside photo and video vendors have been prohibited from shooting theme park events; now Disney has decided to allow them once again, provided you pay a $90 media escort fee.

In this episode, Carly and I discuss the details of this change and address the numerous questions that arose when it was announced—including whether or not outside vendors are now allowed to shoot other kinds of portrait session in the parks.

NOTE: Since this first aired, Disney has revised the media guide requirement:  One guide is now required for each shooter, and additional hours beyond the first four (at a flat rate of $90) now cost $30 apiece.

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10 thoughts on “Disney’s New Policy on Outside Photography & Videography Inside the Parks

      1. Thanks! but It says photography is prohibited of any kind for commercial purposes. I don’t see the bit about a media guide or where this info is from.

        1. That’s what I’m saying: It’s an unofficial policy only enforced by Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings, and the only real way they can “enforce” it is to blacklist photographers from working with them on weddings. We talk about it in this episode. Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings has no real authority over who can and can’t shoot inside the Disney theme parks. They can charge their brides and grooms a media escort fee when they ask to bring non-Disney photographers into the parks for wedding events, but they have no control over ordinary day guests who are photographers or bring photographers into the parks. And the theme parks’ only policy is the one about photography for commercial purposes. So if the photo shoot you are doing is not for commercial purposes and you have no intention of ever photographing a Disney wedding, you have nothing to worry about!

    1. Nope! Disney is still allowing outside photographers and videographers at events inside every park except Magic Kingdom. But now the accompanying media guide fee is $150 each.

        1. That’s a whole different ball of wax. Disney’s park policy prohibits photography for commercial purposes. A photographer emtering with a lot of equipment might get stopped by cast members at the gate. Lots of photographers get through with just their cameras. But Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings has an unofficial black listing policy, so most of the wedding photographers who regularly shoot Disney weddings refuse to do non-wedding photo shoots inside the parks—Magic Kingdom in particular.

          1. I see. I was thinking of doing a shoot for a family that wanted their kids filmed as they walk around. It’s not for “commercial” use. It would be at Magic Kingdom. I just don’t want to do anything too wrong, or get banned. Would they do that?

          2. As long as you don’t have huge equipment that calls attention to you or inconveniences other guests, I think you’ll be fine. Parents video their kids all the time, and no one will know if you’re the parent or not. It’s more about people setting up tripods or lots of equipment, blocking other guests from accessing certain areas while they film, or anything that creates a disruption.

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