Wishes Wedding Spotlight: Maisy & Mike

This week, Maisy Ann Adams shares the story of her ceremony at the Wedding Pavilion and reception at Grand Floridian Ballroom Salons 7 & 8. In addition to having a large, 150-person guest list and handling all that entails, Maisy focused on adding lush floral and decor to her event. She talks about how easy it was to hire an outside vendor for floral, chairs, linens and tableware that seamlessly combined with the uplighting and draping she purchased through Disney. She also gives ideas for maximizing your floral and decor budget by putting it toward the most visible items while saving on filler.

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2 thoughts on “Wishes Wedding Spotlight: Maisy & Mike

  1. Hey Carrie, I love your podcast! It’s so helpful! Do you know how much lighting costs through Disney? Would it be more affordable through a vendor?

    1. Hi Alicia! So glad you’re enjoying it! Lighting costs vary depending on your venue and the number and style of lights you want. But you will save up to 50% on whatever Disney charges by using an outside vendor (which is only allowed if your event is in a ballroom).

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