Wishes Wedding Spotlight: Lindsay & Jackie

On today’s show, Lindsay and Jackie McClain Thomason share the story of their Wishes wedding at the Wedding Pavilion, reception at Ariel’s and dessert party at UK Lochside. You’ll hear how they decided to be married at Walt Disney World, what their top priorities for their wedding were, and several very valuable pieces of advice (hint: ladies, keep track of those Manolos…). Listen now!

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One thought on “Wishes Wedding Spotlight: Lindsay & Jackie

  1. Ladies,

    Beautiful, beautiful wedding!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the colors and how elegant it was but also how the wonderful the Disney spirit was captured. My fiancee is really concerned about having a morning wedding and then a dessert party in Epcot but yours turns out wonderful! Maybe there is still hope because it will definitely help in reducing costs. Again, congrats on the lovely wedding/celebration and here’s to continued blessings for you both.

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