Wishes Wedding Spotlight: Kristin & Geoff

Today I welcome back Kristin Samuel Sholler, who previously discussed her change of heart on the episode “Adding First-Look Photos to Your Wedding Day” and shared her experience at the last Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings Bridal Showcase. In this episode, you’ll get to hear how all of Kristin’s plans turned out at her Wedding Pavilion ceremony, Atlantic Dance Hall reception and Italy Isola dessert party. She also discusses what it was like to have a “dry” wedding, how she timed a lunch ceremony with a reception that led into a dessert party, and the ways she and Geoff incorporated their love of the video game BioShock into their wedding theme. Plus, she shares the story of the decidedly un-Disneyfied bird who crashed their ceremony!

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2 thoughts on “Wishes Wedding Spotlight: Kristin & Geoff

  1. I absolutely love how this photographer has captured this wedding!! Please can you let me know who it is.. I am struggling to decide which one to select as my 1st choice and this one could be the winner if its a Disney photographer of course. xx

    1. Hi April! Kristin and Geoff used a company called By The Robinsons. Is there a reason you don’t want to hire an outside photographer for your wedding? That’s the best way to ensure you get exactly the person you want, rather than being at the mercy of Disney’s scheduling, and often they cost a lot less than Disney Photography.

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