Wishes Wedding Spotlight: Heather & Michael

On today’s show, Heather Kleinhardt shares the story of her Wishes welcome party at the Contemporary’s Porte Cochere, evening wedding at Sea Breeze Point and IllumiNations reception at Epcot’s Italy Isola. Heather discusses how she and Michael decided on Disney, where they saved and splurged, and how to get the most bang for your buck with floral and decor.

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12 thoughts on “Wishes Wedding Spotlight: Heather & Michael

  1. Your wedding was beautiful! Thank you so much for all of the information. i’m just starting to plan my Disney wedding now and it was very helpful. Where can I find a copy of your BEO and floral invoice? I’ve requested to join the Official DisBrides Facebook Group but haven’t heard back yet. Again, thank you for all of the helpful information.

    1. Hi Lisa! Heather has not shared her BEO or floral invoice, but once you get into the group, you will find lots of other BEOs in the Files section!

  2. Thank you Heather and Carrie for this podcast! This is exactly what i was envisioning but the consultant told me that evening ceremonies at SeaBreeze might not photograph well, so she suggested having our ceremony at 7:30pm in the Pavillion. But i can see that taking the pictures before the ceremony (when there is light) eradicates that problem.

    Heather, was there much background/park attendee noise during the reception in Italy? We are looking into January (we initially looked at November) but I was concerned that Food &Wine has gotten a bit more rowdy and it would be a disturbance on the wedding. Thank you!

    1. So glad you like the episode! In my experience at several nighttime receptions and dessert parties in Epcot, you don’t really notice the noise in Italy, because where the event happens is so far from the walkway.

    2. Having the videographer also helped with the lighting concerns for the ceremony because he had additional lighting that I remember our photographers commenting that they were very happy to have.

      As for noise, we didn’t have any problems at all. It was a semi-busy day for February because we got married the same day as the Princess Half Marathon, and it still felt very private. We really only noticed other park guests as we arrived, which added to the excitement as we had lots of cheers and congratulations.

      I highly recommend the lighting package for the DJ, or spotlighting if you don’t have a DJ. It’s the pink and teal lighting you see in the pictures. It really made the island POP and feel even more magical! We were in Disney this past weekend and someone else had their reception on the Isola the same night as our anniversary. (Seriously TOO cool!) They didn’t have any extra lighting, and there was a difference.

      Happy planning!

      1. I should also mention that we were only on the Isola for about 30 minutes prior to Illuminations. The bulk of our reception occurred after the park closed, so outside noise wasn’t an issue. We could see Operations for Epcot working on other areas of the World Showcase, and they stayed away from Italy while our reception was going on. They did start washing the ground at American Adventure shortly before the end of our reception, which was a minor annoyance for my wedding dress when I had to use the restroom. But overall, just minor inconveniences.

  3. Beautiful wedding!!

    I really want to have my wedding reception in Italy and this was so helpful on making up my mind on things!

    1. I may be slightly biased, but Italy receptions are just the best! We were told by park staff that they are very infrequent, which surprised me. I forgot to mention in the podcast that my parents came to us on the night of our wedding and remarked that it wasn’t until right then that they saw what we saw in having our wedding at WDW. I think the absolute beauty of the Italy Isola, and the World Showcase Lagoon, is what helped win them over. It was truly magical.

      If you want, you can see the sneak peak video of our wedding at https://mediazilla.com/Znkt2x0V6

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