Wishes Wedding Spotlight: Danielle & Jason

Today, Danielle Ormonde shares the story of her Tiki Disney wedding, with a ceremony at Luau Pointe and reception at Trader Sam’s, plus a welcome party at the Grand Floridian’s Whitehall Room and Sago Cay. She discusses the logistics of using a unique venue like Trader Sam’s, including how they scheduled Mickey & Minnie between the ceremony and the reception due to the prohibition on characters inside the bar. She also shares her favorite menu items, best planning tips and great advice for anyone considering a Wishes Collection event at Walt Disney World.

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2 thoughts on “Wishes Wedding Spotlight: Danielle & Jason

  1. I love the idea to have Mickey and Minnie come after the ceremony. Would there be any way to have the Cake and Champagne set up near the ceremony so that Mickey and Minnie could be in the pictures? I know the cake is usually cut after the meal, but that wouldn’t work at Trader Sam’s. I am totally fine with eating dessert first!

    1. Yes, that’s actually how they used to do it with the old Escape and Memories collections. There is plenty of room to do this at Luau Pointe. You would just need to meet a $50/person food and beverage minimum (the cake would count toward that).

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