Wishes Wedding Spotlight: Cristina & Kyle

This week, Cristina Marshall shares the story of her ceremony at Sea Breeze Point and reception at Living Seas Salon. Cristina brought numerous DIY elements with her from Canada, including a spectacular light-up sign. She talks about what she was allowed to DIY at her in-park reception venue and what she was required to purchase through Disney, plus how she communicated to Disney how everything should be set up and who was responsible for gathering everything up at the end of the event. Cristina also talks about her menu and how she chose it.

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© Disney Fine Art Photography – Stephanie Caldwell

3 thoughts on “Wishes Wedding Spotlight: Cristina & Kyle

  1. Do you know what was the budget for this wedding? I looove your blog and podcast, but I miss knowing the budget in some of the episodes. Thank you!

    1. Hi Luisa! Budget can be a sensitive topic for many people, and most of the time my guests don’t feel comfortable sharing what they spent. But I’ll keep asking and see if I can get more folks to talk about it!

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