Wishes Wedding Spotlight: Courtney & Ryan

This week, Courtney McDonnell shares the story of her Wishes wedding ceremony at the Wedding Pavilion, cocktail hour at Luau Beach, and reception at Sunset Boulevard inside Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Courtney discusses the unique aspects of planning at these venues,  her favorite menu items from the wedding and the Fantasmic! rehearsal dinner, and what happened when it started raining right in the middle of her outdoor reception! 

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2 thoughts on “Wishes Wedding Spotlight: Courtney & Ryan

  1. Wow this looks perfect! Carrie, I know if the latest version of the book you say that Toy Story Land is unavailable for receptions. Does this also include the area in front of TS Mania? I’ve seen some reception pictures on your site of a party held in that area.

    1. Yeah, those shots are from when it was configured the old way, before Toy Story Land opened. As far as I know, it’s still not available, BUT it never hurts to check with your sales consultant. Someone has to be the first to use it!

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