Wishes Collection Pricing Structure Changes

Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings just overhauled the pricing structure for its Wishes Collection of events at Walt Disney World. Gone is the overall minimum expenditure. In its place is a combination of minimum expenditures with new restrictions on what counts toward them. On this episode, Magical Day Weddings’ Carly Morgan joins me to discuss the changes, including the pros and cons and what they mean for you. (Note that anyone currently working with a Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings sales consultant or event manager falls under the old pricing structure, even if they haven’t signed a letter of agreement yet.)

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Wishes Changes
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9 thoughts on “Wishes Collection Pricing Structure Changes

    1. I got derailed by the holidays, but I’m back working on it and hope to have it done in the next week or two. Thanks for hanging in there!

  1. Carrie, we were planning to have a Wishes wedding in 2015. We planned to have around 35 guests. Just by hitting the minimums and having a brunch, we would already be spending $4k more under the new system, not including having a dessert party. That is a honeymoon! So we decided to have it on DCL instead and will put the $$ we are saving towards a future dessert party.

    1. Thank you for sharing this helpful real-world example. I’m sorry to hear that the new system has priced you out of a WDW wedding, but I think you’ve come up with a great alternative that you’re going to love!

  2. Like you said, if future couples keep their guest count low, they won’t feel the price change too much, but I think it might be farewell to those big events at Disney. I hope that the surrounding venues (Coronado, Fulton’s, Characters in Flight, Cypress Grove, etc.) don’t inflate their prices to compete with DFTW.

    1. Yeah, that’s interesting. I think maybe their advantage *is* lower pricing than Disney, so hopefully they’ll stick to it.

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