Vintage Bridal Makeup Tips from Bésame Cosmetics

On today’s show, Bésame Cosmetics co-founder Gabriela Hernandez shares tips and historical information on bridal makeup techniques from the ’20s, ’30s, ’40s and ’50s. Although depictions in modern popular culture would have you believe the retro look is all about heavy, bold makeup, real women of those eras actually wore far less makeup than is required for today’s “natural” look.

Whether you want to go full-on Old Hollywood Glam or incorporate a subtly retro feel in your bridal look, today you’ll learn the tricks and techniques pros like Gabriela use. She also shares vintage makeup application methods that work just as well or better than modern ones, along with ways to make your wedding-day makeup last longer and look better in photos.

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3 thoughts on “Vintage Bridal Makeup Tips from Bésame Cosmetics

  1. This is one of the times I wish your podcast was a video blog. I would’ve loved to have seen what she was talking about. I just heard about her company from Mindy a few weeks ago and I think it’s so cool. I love vintage makeup and old hollywood (visiting the Max Factor museum was a great memory. It’s interesting to see/learn that they didn’t wear much makeup back then yet when you see “retro” makeup nowadays it’s actually quite bold. I was just looking at Grace Kelly’s makeup last week while watching High Society and was really surprised at how striking it was but yet how minimal it looked. Of course it helps that she was naturally gorgeous. 😉 Anyway, great topic!

    1. So glad you enjoyed it! I agree about video—I would have loved to have Gabriela show us these techniques on a model. However, if you’ll be in Los Angeles Memorial Day Weekend, she is doing makeup demos and giving a presentation on 1930s makeup at the Egyptian Theater on Saturday, May 31 for 1930s Vintage Glamour Day! There will also be a vintage fashion show, ice cream sodas, and a screening of the film Vogues of 1938.

      1. Oh that’s amazing! I had no idea! I’ll definitely try and check it out. We’ve done other events at the Egyptian years ago but haven’t had a reason to go back recently. This sounds really cool. Thanks!

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