Tania & Art’s Grand Californian Wedding

This week, Tania Castellanos shares the story of her wedding at the Grand Californian at Disneyland, including a ceremony in Brisa Courtyard and a reception in the Wisteria Room. Tania talks about how her plans for a large in-park wedding changed when Sleeping Beauty Castle went under refurbishment at the same time that she and Art decided they wanted to have a second, Catholic ceremony. They ended up using the (now-discontinued) Escape Collection package for a small Disney wedding followed by a large fairy tale-themed wedding at home in Baja California, complete with a giant castle cake suspended from the ceiling! Tania and Art also flew to Florida for bridal portrait sessions in Epcot and Magic Kingdom in order to incorporate a Disney castle into their celebration.

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Disney Wedding Photos: © Jack Randall Photography / At-Home Wedding Photos: © Tavo Cota Photography / Theme Park Bridal Portraits: © Disney Fine Art Photography

2 thoughts on “Tania & Art’s Grand Californian Wedding

  1. Very interesting episode! Especially since I am also getting married at California’s Disneyland. I find it odd that they didn’t have food for her. My fiancé would make sure I had something yummy to eat as well as him. But over All she had some great information!

    1. Generally at Disney weddings they do take great pains to make sure there is special food for the couple to eat—often they will fix them a plate to eat in private before they enter the reception!

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