Swan & Dolphin Wedding Spotlight: Julie & Lisa

On today’s episode, Julie Guadalupe shares the story of her wedding at the Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin and reception at House of Blues. Julie talks about how she planned the event from out of state, including the importance of finding vendors who are same-sex-wedding friendly. She also shares a timeline and tips for anyone considering a wedding at the Swan & Dolphin.

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2 thoughts on “Swan & Dolphin Wedding Spotlight: Julie & Lisa

  1. Beautiful wedding for a beautiful family! Any chance of finding out where that gorgeous gown came from?

    1. Julie says she got it on Amazon (!!!) from a seller called Fiesta Formals. Originally it was an A-line dress, but she wanted a ballgown. So her mom cut out the underskirt and sewed in a much fuller one that accommodated a crinoline under the skirt.

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