Planning Resources for Disney Weddings

On today’s show, Chrysty Summers and I take a look at resources geared specifically toward planning weddings at the Disney parks and resorts. These days, there is a staggering amount of wedding-planning information available in basically every medium, but it can be difficult to find details on the many things unique to planning a Disney wedding: minimum requirements, vendor rules, venue photos, prices, etc.

In this episode, we’ll look at a number of resources, from the Disney wedding guidebook and Disney-focused wedding sites to online communities where you can share stories and get advice from other Disney brides and grooms. Links to all the resources discussed on the show are listed below.

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4 thoughts on “Planning Resources for Disney Weddings

  1. Great show! I know a lot of these resources helped me plan or share ideas and I’m still involved so I can keep helping others who are in my former position. Keep up the great work!

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