Noelle & Adam’s Coronado Springs Wedding

This week, Noelle Crooks shares the story of her Coronado Springs resort wedding. The reception was held at Lantana Hall, but rain bumped the ceremony from Gran Destino Plaza. So Noelle asked Adam to take photos of the carpet in all the rain backup venues Disney offered and used them to choose the Durango Room! Cake was another important element, and today Noelle shares how she communicated her very specific vision to the Wedding Cakes team via detailed PowerPoint—and was so thrilled with the result that, she says, the way Adam looked at her during their first look is the way she was looking at the cake when she first spotted it!

Listen now!

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2 thoughts on “Noelle & Adam’s Coronado Springs Wedding

  1. Noelle was my past professor and listening to her wedding story was so amazing!! I love the fact that she made a whole powerpoint for her wedding cake?

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