Mini Wishes Wedding Spotlight: Marcia & Aaron

Today, Marcia Wozney shares the story of her Wishes Catered Event Experience, with ceremony at Sea Breeze Point and reception at Eau de France in Epcot. Marcia shares how she and Aaron decided between an Escape Collection event and a Wishes Collection event with the “Mini Wishes” discount. She also discusses the logistics of having an outdoor evening reception in Epcot with IllumiNations as the cocktail hour, including the requirements for having Disney characters. And Marcia shares tips for anyone interested in sticking to a budget for their Wishes wedding!

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2 thoughts on “Mini Wishes Wedding Spotlight: Marcia & Aaron

  1. This sounded like what we were thinking, but I’m just not sure. We are only having 10 people and we wanted to do a reception/dinner, which is only part of wishes. But I’ve read we can’t go to any of the restaurants for our wedding without going thru Disney wedding. Those minimums are just too high for only 10 of us. I just need some guidance or thoughts on what to do.

    1. Hi Brittany! You are welcome to make a group dining reservation at any Disney restaurant—you don’t have to go through Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings for that. If you want a private event, you could do an Escape wedding and then add a private catered event through your Disney wedding planner at one of the convention center locations, the Attic, Ariel’s—almost any location where a Wishes reception can be held. And/or you could add a private dessert party. My book, PassPorter’s Disney Weddings & Honeymoons, has an entire chapter dedicated to Escape events, including complete details on adding a private catered event. You can also check out all my interviews with Escape couples, including many with couples who added a private catered event and/or a dessert party to their day. The Escape Overview show explains this in detail.

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