All About the Mini Wishes Catered Event Experience

Today, Erin Walker joins me for an in-depth look at Disney’s Catered Event Experience (a.k.a., “Mini Wishes”) discount for Wishes Collection events that last only 3 hours and are held on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. In this episode, we’ll talk about exactly how the discount works, what you get for your money, and how to decide between the Escape Collection package and a fully customizable “Mini Wishes” event if you’re on the fence.

Plus, Erin shares the details of her own Wishes Catered Event Experience at Sea Breeze Point and California Grill’s Napa Room, complete with dancing, a photo booth and an appearance by Mickey and Minnie—all while sticking to the minimum expenditures!

UPDATE: Disney no longer offers Wishes or Mini Wishes events.

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2 thoughts on “All About the Mini Wishes Catered Event Experience

  1. I am planning on getting married in October 2018. I was interested in doing the “mini wishes” wedding but I saw your update that they won’t do it in October anymore. Do you know if I request a 3 hour wedding reception will they allow that?

    1. Yes, you can always cut an hour from a regular Wishes event. We did that back before they’d created the Wishes Catered Event Experience. So even though you can’t get the “mini Wishes” discount in October, you will save a bit on food, entertainment and booze if you have a shorter reception.

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