Memories Wedding Spotlight: Jessie & Brad

Today Jessie Copeland shares the story of her Memories Collection wedding at Walt Disney World’s Luau Beach. Jessie shares the pros and cons of choosing the Memories package, contrasting the sometimes impersonal planning process with the over-the-top gift basket couples can choose as part of the package if they don’t need the limo. She also discusses the rain backup policy and how to stop worrying about whether the non-Disney fans among your guests will enjoy your wedding.

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© Disney Fine Art Photography — Ali Trojacek

3 thoughts on “Memories Wedding Spotlight: Jessie & Brad

  1. Hi Michelle,

    They basically watched from the sidewalk and were allowed in the photos after the planner left. You can wear attire in restaurants.

  2. How did this bride get 9 people past Disney for a Memories package? I was under the impression that it was 6 guests total (including the Bride and Groom). Also, are couples really allowed to wear their wedding attire to restaurants? I was told no by Disney but would love if we could!!

    1. There is no prohibition on wearing wedding attire at Disney resort restaurants. The only place you can be stopped is at a park entrance, and even there, the enforcement is spotty. I believe the bride discusses her guest situation in the episode. If not, other Memories brides I’ve interviewed talk about it. They usually have the extra guests lurk on the walkway. It’s not the ideal way to experience a wedding, but Disney won’t stop them.

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