Memories Wedding Spotlight: Heather & Ron

This week, Heather Lammardo shares the story of her Memories wedding at Luau Pointe. She discusses how she and Ron decided to switch from the Escape Collection to the Memories Collection, how they chose the venue, and what she did to customize the Memories package—including ordering a cake from Grand Floridian Private Dining and adding a bouquet by outside vendor Lee Forrest. Heather also talks about adding a Magic Kingdom bridal portrait session and gives her top tips for anyone looking to customize a Memories event.

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Professional Photos: © Disney Fine Art Photography – Ty Boyce

2 thoughts on “Memories Wedding Spotlight: Heather & Ron

  1. How much is the photo shoot at the MK in the AM?

    Did you get a hard time about going to MK park later with a wedding type (not gown) dress?

    1. Disney lists its basic portrait session pricing HERE. You can see the full list, including how much credit you get for using Disney as your wedding photographers and the price for combining multiple parks, on pages 153-155 of Carrie Hayward’s Fairytale Weddings Guide.

      Whether or not you can get into Magic Kingdom in wedding attire depends entirely on the cast members who admit you at the gate. If they think it’s a safety hazard or will confuse other guests into thinking you’re a Disney character, they won’t let you in.

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