Magical Day Weddings: Planning Advice from Carly Morgan

This week I chat with Disney bride and Magical Day Weddings owner Carly Morgan about the wonderful world of Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings.

Carly shares the story of how the blog she started as a budget Disney wedding challenge blossomed into a the premier online resource for Disney wedding photos and information—and a career! She also offers her top tip for saving money on a Disney wedding, advice for those in the planning stages, and where she’d have her wedding if she were to do it all over again. (Hint: you can see some photos here!)

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3 thoughts on “Magical Day Weddings: Planning Advice from Carly Morgan

  1. Ha! Thanks for the mention Carly. 😉

    I’ve been reading Carly’s blog from when it was “The $20K Disney Wedding” and I’ve loved seeing it evolve into the mecca for Disney weddings. I’m excited to see the new interactive map feature for Disneyland.

    Also how neat that Carly, being a WDW bride, would have a re-do at Disneyland! Is that how you feel too Carrie or do you think you’d keep your wedding the way it was since it was so unique and hasn’t been imitated?

    1. Definitely the latter, but that doesn’t mean I’m not interested in doing something different for a vow renewal! 😉

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