Late-Night Snacks for Receptions

On today’s show, we’re chatting about the trend of serving a late-night snack toward the end of the reception. First, Christie McLarty talks about the fun and economical Mickey Premium Bars she added to her reception at American Adventure. Next, Samantha Stevenson describes her make-your-own guacamole bar, a newer offering at Walt Disney World. And finally, Jenna Marie shares how Disney went above and beyond to track down doughnuts from an outside vendor to create a tribute to her late grandfather.

Also in this episode, you’ll learn how owners can get the completely revised edition of PassPorter’s Disney Weddings & Honeymoons e-Book FREE!

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2 thoughts on “Late-Night Snacks for Receptions

  1. I can’t download the podcast 🙁 It’s telling me the file is corrupt and won’t open it. I wanted to know how I can get the new e-book edition to update my old one. Thanks!

    1. Hmm… I tried it just now and I was able to right-click to download it from both the player at the top of the page and the DOWNLOAD link at the bottom of the page. Can you try right-clicking or option-clicking on this link? At any rate, the way to get a new copy of the e-book for free is to log back in to your PassPorter Store account and find the order you placed for the book. On the order details page, there’s a link in the lower left-hand corner where you can download the book, and you’ll get the latest one by clicking it. Hope this helps!

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