Kayla & Bill’s Animal Kingdom Wedding

This week, Kayla Brown shares the story of her Tree of Life ceremony in Animal Kingdom and Germany Promenade A & B dessert party in EPCOT. She and Bill fell in love with the Tree of Life on the Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings show but were unsure whether the venue would be well-lit without TV lighting. Today she discusses how  she felt about the lighting, as well as how her guests reacted to the 10pm ceremony time and celebration held the following evening. Plus she shares her thoughts on scheduling Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom portrait sessions the two days directly following the wedding!

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© Disney Fine Art Photography — Ceremony + Magic Kingdom: Stephanie Caldwell / Animal Kingdom Portraits: Kevin Davis

2 thoughts on “Kayla & Bill’s Animal Kingdom Wedding

  1. I think it’s interesting that so many of the photos of the grooms have their hands in their pockets.

    1. I think many photographers direct them to do that. Better in their pockets than clasped in front like they need to use the restroom!

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