How to Plan a Walt Disney World Honeymoon: Part 1

Whether it’s your first trip or your fifty-first trip, planning your honeymoon at Walt Disney World is a little bit different from your average Disney vacation. On today’s show, Fairy Godmother Travel’s Lori Gach-Delaney joins me for Part 1 of a two-part series on planning the perfect Disney honeymoon. First, we take a look at how to let people know you’re celebrating and discuss online wedding registries like Honeyfund registries. Then we help you decide where to stay and how to save on your accommodations. And finally we take a look at options for ordering a cake; romantic dining, including restaurants with a fireworks view; and special dining experiences like the Wanyama Safari and Dine with an Imagineer.

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Carrie’s photos © Root Photography / Lori’s photos © Regina Hyman

5 thoughts on “How to Plan a Walt Disney World Honeymoon: Part 1

  1. Do you know what time in the morning you can start making reservations online or by phone? I am seeing conflicting times online 6 am EST vs 7 am EST. looks like either way it will be an early morning as we are on the west coast !

    1. From what I’ve seen, it’s 6am ET online and 7am ET by phone (because that’s when they start taking calls). And yeah…. SOOOOOOO early for we West Coasters!

  2. Hello, I was just wondering where on the dining reservations do you put that you are celebrating your honeymoon? Is it when you make the reservation online or do you have to call after?

    1. Hi! They don’t really have a place to put it when you reserve online, so I usually call and ask them to put it on each of my dining reservations. I also call the hotel and have it put on that reservation!

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