How To Get the Floral & Decor You Want at a Price You Can Afford

This week I welcome Disney bride and professional florist Alexia Weber-Bradach to share a ton of helpful ideas for saving money on floral and decor for your Disney wedding, as well as how to work with the Walt Disney World Florist to get exactly what you envision for your event.

We start by going over the basic floral decisions that Wishes couples have to make during their planning sessions and the average prices for typical floral and decor items. Then Alexia covers which flowers are available during each season—something that has a big impact on price—and we discuss other ways to save money. She also shares how she did floral and decor at her own Disney’s Fairy Tale Wedding, and we discuss ways to incorporate DIYs and outside vendors to save even more money.

Scroll past the slideshow for lots of great floral and decor resources!

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© Disney Fine Art Photography – Stephanie Caldwell + Ali Trojacek

Planning Resources

Photos of Common Flower Types (see below)
Flower Availability by Season, Color & Cost

Disney’s Floral Supply & Linen Vendors

Jamali Gardens
Connie Duglin Linen
BBJ Linen

Petal Coverage Chart

Courtesy of FlyboyNaturals

Flower Types by Color

Flower Chart

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