Four Seasons Wedding Spotlight: Kirsten & Greg

Today, Kirsten Seuss shares the story of her ceremony at Corpus Christi Catholic Church and reception at the Areca Palm ballroom of the Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World. She discusses the logistics of arranging an off-site ceremony, as well as how she and Greg chose this route over the other options open to Catholic couples.

Kirsten’s reception had a Mad-Hatter-meets-Mary-Poppins theme, and she talks about how she was able to combine the two through table decor, a photo station and even a DIY croquet setup, complete with flamingo mallets and balls painted to look like hedgehogs! And of course there were visits by Mary Poppins and the Mad Hatter, plus a surprise appearance by Mickey Mouse. Kirsten also discusses how to set up a room block with Disney even when you’re not having a Disney’s Fairy Tale Wedding, and how she found a choreographer for the first dance and father-daughter dance.

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4 thoughts on “Four Seasons Wedding Spotlight: Kirsten & Greg

  1. So if someone were to have the ceremony offsite, do they not have to pay the ceremony fee to Disney?

    1. Correct! You can do a Wishes event with an off-site ceremony and just pay the per-person food and beverage minimums and the enhancement minimums. Four Seasons, same thing. You just pay them for the parts of the wedding held at their venue.

      1. And can I still arrange for Disney to provide the transportation to and from let’s say a Catholic Church back to the boardwalk Ballrooms?

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