Escape Wedding Spotlight: Theo & Scott

On today’s episode, Theo & Scott Griesser share the story of their Escape Collection ceremony at Epcot’s Canada Terrace, reception at The Attic and dessert party at their Bay Lake Tower villa. They talk about what it is like to plan a wedding when you never thought you’d be able to have one, how Disney customized the Escape package for them, and their tips and advice for any couple interested in being married at Walt Disney World.

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© Disney Fine Art Photography — Jacob Robertson

One thought on “Escape Wedding Spotlight: Theo & Scott

  1. Congratulations, Theo & Scott! The photos of your wedding are beautiful. The joy of the day is captured in your photos. The ceremony decor upgrade was worth every dime! That terrace looks amazing and your floral is bright and cheerful. The photos of the two of you in the garden are quite charming. Thanks for the inspiration, my fiancé Adam and I are planning our Disneyland wedding now for October 2017.

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