Escape Collection Events Inside Disneyland

Update: At this time, Disneyland has stopped offering Escape events inside Disneyland. 

Today I’m joined by Budget Fairy Tale blogger Mindy Marzec and Disneyland bride Hope to discuss Disney’s new Escape Collection package for weddings, vow renewals and commitment ceremonies inside Disneyland! For years, in-park events at Disneyland have been prohibitively expensive, and even events inside Disney California Adventure are logistically and financially out of reach for many. But now, smaller groups can experience the magic of an event inside Disneyland via an almost-all-inclusive package offered by Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings.

On today’s episode, Mindy, Hope and I discuss what’s in the package, how much it costs, and which Disneyland locations are available. You can also read about the package in this post and see FAQs on

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Q: People are asking about receptions in the park, like a possible informal reception (apps and mingling) on the Dream Suite patio. Any plans for anything like that?
A: No, no food can be brought into the Dream Suite patio area at this time.

Q: Can you use a photographer who is not on the Preferred Vendor list?
A: Photography from the Preferred Vendor List is included in the package. No outside photography permitted.

Q: Can the couple take photos in their bridal attire anywhere in the park, or just at their ceremony location?
A: Just the ceremony location.

Q: Does the couple have to walk in with their wedding guests or can they walk in separate (in case they don’t want to see each other until the ceremony)?
A: Everyone needs to walk in together, including the couple getting married.

Q: We understand the ceremony is standing room only, but can chairs be provided for someone with a medical need? Same with being escorted in and out of the park?
A: If someone has a medical need, it is recommended a wheelchair be rented for the day or the duration of the visit. Chairs are not included in the package. Your planner can recommend a wheelchair rental company.

Q: Does the ceremony musician have to be a harpist, or could we request a violinist or a string quartet, for example?
A: Harpist only. No upgrades or substitutions.

Q: Are there any plans for an elopement package similar to Walt Disney’s World’s “Memories” package (the couple, 2 guests/witnesses, champagne and cake only)?
A: Not at this time.

Q: Can you add-on the early morning private in-park photo shoot?
A: Yes.

Q: Is there a room-block requirement? If the room block cannot be met, is there an additional fee?
A: There is no room-block requirement for this package.

Q: Can you add on videography?
A: Yes, but it has to be from the Preferred Vendor List, or you are free to have a guest record video.

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4 thoughts on “Escape Collection Events Inside Disneyland

  1. This package sounds great! My question is if we decide to have our ceremony in the Court of Angels, where would the reception be at and how much time do we get for the reception? And, is the bride allowed to walk down the stairs at the Court of Angels to the ceremony point? My last question, since there are only 20 quests, do we have to walk down Main Street or can we ride the Double Decker Bus down Main Street (which would make extra great photos). Thanks and looking forward to your reply.

    1. Hi Ana! I checked with Mindy, and it turns out this type of Escape wedding is no longer being offered. I’ll make a note in the post. It never hurts to ask whether there’s something similar available, since they change their offerings all the time. But they may tell you your only in-park option at Disneyland is the $80,000+ Wishes castle ceremony.

  2. Thanks for having us on the show again! I hope that now that we’ve shared more about this package that couples decide to book them. I think this option is an excellent addition to the offerings at Disneyland.

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