Disneyland Vow Renewal Spotlight: Tara & Matt

Today, Tara Camarda-Missel shares the story of her 25th anniversary vow renewal at the Disneyland Hotel. Tara and Matt never had a wedding, so this was a chance to pull out all the stops for a dream celebration with family and friends. Tara shares her advice for planning, including details of her custom live-action Cinderella-inspired gown, how she chose vendors, and her No. 1 priority when it came to her vow renewal.

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Ceremony Photos © Beverly Hills Photography / Disneyland Photos © White Rabbit Photo Boutique

2 thoughts on “Disneyland Vow Renewal Spotlight: Tara & Matt

  1. I absolutely loved this episode and the pictures. What a sweet story and lovely event. You can see the genuine love and affection between this couple and their guests! Thanks for including their story!

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