Cruise Wedding Spotlight: Nakiya & Reese

Today, Nakiya Jones shares the story of her two weddings:  An at-home wedding at The Sterling Castle in Alabama, followed by a Disney Cruise Collection ceremony at Castaway Cay’s Wedding Pointe and reception at the Dream’s Pink Lounge. You’ll hear how Nakiya and Reese chose these venues, what elements they added to the basic Disney’s Fairytale Weddings package, and how they were able to customize their event. Nakiya also discusses what it was like to use the newly returned Wedding Pointe ceremony venue adjacent to the Heads-Up Bar and what happened when the ship almost didn’t make it to the island!

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Disney Cruise Wedding Photos © Canova Photography / Sterling Castle Wedding Photos © Root Photography

2 thoughts on “Cruise Wedding Spotlight: Nakiya & Reese

  1. I want to thank Disney World, the Captain, and the staff of the Disney Dream the experience is… there are no words you just have to experience the journey yourself. Yes, I was praying and my prayers were answered. I am the mother of the bride and I could not believe how the Captain of the Disney Dream made sure all my daughters dreams came true. The Captain docked the ship after three times because of rough waters. The wedding happened!!!
    I was so excited just seeing all the Disney characters on the Disney Dream and my daughter took pictures with all the Disney princesses.
    Thank you Disney World for making sure my investment in Disney World paid off. (smile) My daughter is right in the interview we went to Disney World every year and its like my daughter has not stopped going to Disney World. My daughter has been back to Disney World twice since the wedding. I would recommend Disney Dream as their destination wedding!!! Disney Dream makes all your dreams come true and Disney Dream took notes from my daughter because now Disney Dream have their own make-up artist on board the ship now.

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