Castianne & Dustin’s EPCOT Canada Wedding

This week, Castianne Mills shares the story of her ceremony and celebration at Canada Terrace in EPCOT. She and Dustin originally chose Luau Beach for a Cinco de Mayo 2020 ceremony. But when Disney reopened with COVID policies that mandate masks at all outdoor resort wedding venues, they switched their rescheduled wedding to EPCOT (where Disney does not require masks for the bridal couple when events occur outside of park hours) at Christmastime. Because Disney isn’t doing fireworks shows due to COVID, Castianne and Dustin cancelled their dessert party and had a cake and Champagne celebration with churros and beignets instead. Afterward, they treated their guests to a ride mix-in on Frozen Ever After! Today you’ll hear what it was like planning and holding a Disney wedding in the time of COVID, including the physical distancing and mask requirements at their ceremony and at their Magic Kingdom and EPCOT portrait sessions. And you’ll hear Castianne’s advice for anyone unsure about moving forward with their Disney wedding plans in the COVID era.

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4 thoughts on “Castianne & Dustin’s EPCOT Canada Wedding

  1. Are the chairs shown here the “basic” chairs that Disney provides, or the $6 “upgrade” chairs available for rental?

  2. Hello, my fiancé and I are getting married in June the 15th at the wedding pavilion with a reception to follow at the boardwalk ballrooms. I would LOVE the opportunity to be on the podcast 🙂

    1. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Right now my recording schedule is full, but thanks for your interest in the show!

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