Bridget & Cody’s Sea Breeze Point Wedding

This week, Bridget Blakeney shares the story of her ceremony at Sea Breeze Point and dessert party at Viking’s Landing in EPCOT. She discusses how her longtime dream of a Disney wedding came true when she and Cody had to scrap their plans for an at-home wedding as costs began to soar. You’ll hear how she chose her venues, how the day flowed from 2:30 pm ceremony to 8:30 pm dessert party, and how she was able to surprise her dad with a first look and all her guests with a Frozen Ever After ride mix-in. You’ll also hear whether she recommends Vikings Landing for a dessert party, what her favorite menu items were, and what she would do differently if she were to plan it all again. 

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© Disney Fine Art Photography: Christina Corneau

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