Brian & Allen’s Paddlefish + Epcot Wedding

This week, Brian Klose-Koehler shares the story of his wedding ceremony at Paddlefish in Disney Springs and reception at Italy Isola in Epcot. You’ll hear how he and Allen decided to combine a non-Disney ceremony with a Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings reception, what it was like working with two different planners, and their tips for saving money on both events. You’ll also hear advice on having an outdoor reception inside a theme park, how they surprised their guests with a Frozen Ever After ride mix-in, and what happened when their original reception venue became unavailable a month before their big day!

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8 thoughts on “Brian & Allen’s Paddlefish + Epcot Wedding

  1. HELP!

    My fiancée and I have been planning to have our ceremony AND reception at Paddlefish.

    The entire time we have been in contact with the person coordinating their events we kept hearing the same price $4000 food and beverage and a $800 fee for use of space.

    Ok cool. Got our contract today and it lists food and beverage as $4000, and an additional $4000 for set up.

    This is out of left field and we are trying to get our footing back. Our contact for the venue let us know she is not available on the weekend. We received the contract on Friday, but didn’t open it until Saturday.

    Help us understand please!

    1. Wow! That’s a huge leap! I haven’t heard anything about this, but I suppose it could be something to do with COVID-19 cleaning. Or it could be a typo in the contract. Only your contact will be able to answer that, unfortunately. If you were open to planning via JustMarry! you could try reaching out the them to see if anyone’s around this weekend who might know about the setup fee. Phone and email are here:

  2. Hello Carrie! Are you aware if all venues charge a premium in December? If so, do you know happen to know which ones?

    1. At this point, Disney seems to have abandoned what they told Brian and Allen about the December premiums last year. No one I’ve talked to who is planning a December event in Epcot this year has been told that the minimums are higher, other than the standard doubling of DJ pricing on weekends.

  3. I love that Brian & Allen coordinated their suits and ties perfectly! Such a lovely couple and wedding. Hope the December upcharge doesn’t last… D:

  4. Hey Carrie! We’re also a couple of grooms looking to take photos in the Magic Kingdom during the day like they did! You don’t think we’d get into any trouble being in our “wedding attire” and being made to pay for an actual in-park wedding photo session would we? I wonder if we can get away with it since neither of us will be wearing a tux or dress!

    1. You shouldn’t have any trouble! The only time they stop people is when their outfit (usually a long gown) poses a safety hazard or could cause them to be confused with a Disney character cast member.

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