At-Home Reception Spotlight: Tammie & Rodney

Last week’s guests had so much great information to share about their Escape wedding at Walt Disney World that we ran out of time to talk about their followup reception for the folks back home. So today I welcome Tammie & Rodney Thompson back to the show! They share how they decided to host a second reception, how they chose the venue, what kinds of activities they planned, and what their guests thought of their at-home celebration.

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2 thoughts on “At-Home Reception Spotlight: Tammie & Rodney

  1. Carrie, page 2 of the picture gallery doesn’t work. It says “Gallery not found. Please check your settings.”

    In fact, this happens all of the picture galleries.

    1. OK, I think I fixed it by putting all the thumbnails on one page. Please let me know if you’re still having trouble seeing all the images in the gallery.

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