Angelina & Dan’s Shades of Green Wedding

Today, Angelina Bucher shares the story of her wedding at Shades of Green, the resort for members of the US military and government employees at Walt Disney World. Angelina and Dan are both in the US Air Force and had to cancel plans for a Tennessee wedding when they got stationed elsewhere. You’ll hear how Angelina modified their plans to fit Shades of Green, including receiving special permission to hold the ceremony on one of Disney’s adjacent golf courses when Shades of Green’s wedding gazebo became unavailable. And you’ll hear how Angelina and Dan were able to share their entire day—including the reception—with their emotional-support dog, Chewy!

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2 thoughts on “Angelina & Dan’s Shades of Green Wedding

  1. Thanks Angelina for sharing your experience. This was so helpful and I think your pictures turned out great!

  2. Angelina mentioned she would have liked more pictures, but I think these turned out great. The rain had a neat effect. Love the look, the bouquet, the happy expressions, and Chewy! <3

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