Allison & Jeff’s Tower of Terror Wedding

This week, Allison Eggelton shares the story of her ceremony at Tower of Terror, reception at Sunset Boulevard and dessert party at UK Lochside. She and Jeff are lifelong Disney fans, and Tower of Terror is their favorite ride, so they planned their Halloween-themed wedding around the venue. Today you’ll hear where they saved and splurged, which menu items were the best, and how Allison found her “Gothic Rapunzel Elven Princess” wedding gown!

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4 thoughts on “Allison & Jeff’s Tower of Terror Wedding

  1. Was she able to get sunset booked and approved right away or was there a waiting period for Sunset Blvd for park approval? We requested Sunset (on a Saturday in 2023) but the park did not approve it as they are waiting for updated park hours Oct to Dec 2023. Just wondering if this is a normal process where the park initially cannot approve it, but later approves it once those factors are figured out.

    1. There’s always a waiting period for in-park locations. Some of them, like the World Showcase ceremony venues or Living Seas Salon in EPCOT, get approved quickly, but after-hours events usually take longer to get approved. No need to worry—it’s totally normal!

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