On today’s show, Disney groom Mike Henshaw shares the story of the surprise anniversary celebration he planned for his wife, Samantha. The anniversary of their Disney wedding was a low-key affair due to the birth of their first child, so Mike wanted to go all-out on their second anniversary. You’ll hear how he planned—and pulled off—a string of surprises for Samantha, from a secret stay at the Grand Floridian to cosmetology service and an anniversary photo shoot, followed by dinner at Victoria & Albert’s. Mike shares his tips for coming up with surprises and keeping them in order to create a magical and memorable celebration.

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Shades of Green Vow Renewal Spotlight: Amanda & Michael

This week, Amanda Currence shares the story of her vow renewal at Shades of Green, complete with a catered reception and a trip into the Magic Kingdom afterward! You’ll hear how Amanda created all her own floral and decor, added a welcome dessert party at Epcot, set up a room block at the Disney resorts, […]