How to Set Up a Room Block

Note: In late 2023, Disney began offering more free room nights at lower numbers than when this episode was recorded. Now, you’ll get a 2nd free room night once you fill 25 nights, a 3rd free night when you fill 50, and 1 more free night for each 25 additional room nights you fill (4 for 75, 5 for 100, etc.).

One of the major requirements of holding a Wishes Collection event at Walt Disney World is that you fulfill a room-night guarantee. In order to do this, Disney lets you set aside a block of room nights at up to five Disney resorts that your guests can use at a discount. This room blocking process must be completed before you can sign a contract and put down a deposit for a Wishes event. (Escape couples are also eligible to create a room block.)

The rules and requirements of the room-night guarantee and the room block can be fairly overwhelming to those just starting to plan a wedding or vow renewal, but the benefits include discounts and the possibility of earning up to two free nights for your honeymoon stay!

On today’s show, Disney bride Brittany Outar and I attempt to demystify the process by explaining how the room block works for guests and how it works for you. We also offer tips that will help you decide which resorts to block and for how many nights, plus our take on the best way to set up your block. Listen now!

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