Wishes Wedding Spotlight: Charli & Mark

Today, Charli Bevan-Singh shares the story of her Lilly Pulitzer-themed Wishes ceremony and cocktail hour at Sea Breeze Point, reception at Ariel’s and dessert party at UK Lochside and Imagination Lounge in Epcot. Charli talks about planning her event from the UK, which was extra challenging because Lilly Pulitzer merchandise isn’t sold there! She discusses how she and Mark chose their venues, including meeting an extra food and beverage minimum to guarantee Ariel’s as the rain backup for their original reception location, Shipwreck Beach. She also talks about how they decided to have Mickey and Minnie come to the cocktail hour AND the reception, and how her DJ saved the day when the party started to wind down. Listen now!

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Wedding Day Photos: © JB Marie Photography / Grand Floridian + Park Portraits:  © Disney Fine Art Photography – Brittany Miller

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