Wedding Gown Cleaning & Care

This week’s episode is a companion piece to last week’s show, How to Preserve Your Wedding Gown. Last week’s guest, conservator Camille Myers Breeze, shared that cleaning your wedding gown is the single most important thing you can do to preserve it. So this week I chat with David Galusha of Professional Gown Preservation about the process of cleaning a wedding gown. David discusses the methods available, what to look for when you’re selecting a service to clean your dress, what to do if you spill something on the dress on your big day, and whether it’s ever too late to clean your gown.

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2 thoughts on “Wedding Gown Cleaning & Care

  1. I wanted to do a “Trash the dress” session, mostly because I want photos in the ocean. Is there a way to save and preserve the dress after something like that or is there no hope for it? haha

    1. Yes! It just depends on what your dress is made of. Most sub-$10,000 gowns are made of some form of polyester (which may have a fancier sounding name, but if you Google it, it’s a synthetic). Unless it’s 100% real silk, it will probably survive the session and the cleaning just fine!

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