Vendor Spotlight: Men’s Wearhouse Formalwear Delivery

Renting a tuxedo or a suit is a popular option for the men in the wedding party, but it can be a hassle for them to carry it on the plane to Orlando and return it in time. There are two local vendors that will let you submit the guys’ measurements online or over the phone and then deliver formalwear directly to their Disney resort—and pick it up afterward.

Today I chat with Julie Mischa and Cecilia Caldwell from the Winter Garden branch of Men’s Warehouse, who talk about their store’s formalwear delivery service. You’ll learn about the different types of suits available, what’s popular, and whether there are guidelines based on the ceremony’s time of day. Then Julie and Cecilia talk about how to get the guys measured and have their formalwear delivered in time to your Walt Disney World resort for the wedding.

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