Tyler & Anthony’s Aulani Wedding

Today, Tyler and Anthony Borges-Nizzari share the story of their Aulani wedding ceremony at Lanikuhonua and reception inside ‘AMA ‘AMA restaurant. When planning their wedding in New York City during the peak of COVID became too difficult, their solution was to add one to their trip to Aulani for Anthony’s 30th birthday! Their dreams of having both a ceremony and a reception with a view of the ocean were realized when their original reception venue became too windy on the day of the event and Disney moved everything inside ‘AMA ‘AMA—making Tyler and Anthony the first couple ever to have a wedding there! In this episode, they discuss how they planned a wedding in a location they’d never seen, from their home thousands of miles away—including their top menu picks and tips for other couples who may be considering Aulani as an alternative to a traditional at-home wedding.

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